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Welcome to Sonoma Acupuncture Integrative Health! Our home inspired office was created to make you feel at home from the moment you step into the office. Here you will be greeted with a smile and cared for by professionals; we strive to make your experience here a comfortable one.

If you haven’t already done so, you will be asked to fill out our required intake forms. These forms help us get a better, more complete, picture of you and your condition.

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Step 2

After your intake forms have been reviewed, you will be invited back to one of our private treatment rooms. Here, our skilled provider will perform a thorough intake. This consists of a detailed history followed by any tests that the provider will think is necessary to gain an accurate diagnosis. These can include taking a pulse, range of motion, orthopedic testing and/or assessing functional movement.

Additional tests and/or images may be required, but this is only to rule out any serious pathology or fracture.

Step 3

After the intake is complete we will talk about your condition and how long to expect it will take to resolve. Most of the underlying conditions that trigger pain did not happen overnight and so they too require time to fix. Our goal is to come to an understanding on what is reasonable and what progress you can expect in that amount of time.

Some conditions can resolve in as little as 30 days, some can take longer than 6 months, this is the purpose of a thorough exam.

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Step 4

Once everyone agrees upon a set treatment plan then the real work begins. Your time is valuable to us so you will be given priority on the first day. The length of a typical office visit thereafter will depend on the service(s) being provided and will be discussed in your treatment plan. Each visit will be fine-tuned to the progress you make as each visit builds off the last.

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